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I love being a Demonstrator. I made the decision to join in August of 2005. I knew when I signed up that this was my forever, or my for a really long time. Being creative is in my blood from a very early age. I started making my own cards at age 4 and giving or mailing to people. Sharing is my nature. Currently I hold live interactive online classes through Facebook weekly on Mondays, and other times. I offer classes in a different way. More on that in the near future. I also hold pop up shops around the Minneapolis area. Visit my website for much more information about me and what I do. 

Being creative is who I am. I am also mom to two adult children who are busy attending college. I have been married to Mr. Wonderful (Rory) since 1996. Our how we met and married is a cute story. Mom to two cats, one of whom is a certified Princess. Lover of all animals. I am partially disabled, something that is hard for me to admit but something you should know about me. My knees don't bend. You can read more about my knees and disability on my website if you search for knees. I studied Design and Art History, among other subjects, in college. I feel that that education reflects in my crafts and creative process.